Captures the actual
meanings in context.

Just like we humans do.
Mind Expression, a conversational reasoning AI builder eases your AI building experience with a cognitive model.
Cut business costs with
automated customer support
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Compared to:

Having a full customer support team of human agents

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Compared to:

Building and maintaining a rule based chatbots

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Compared to:

Building and maintaining a rule + intent based chatbots

Optimize your customer
with real
Mind AI reasoning engine adaptively learns and gets smarter.
manpower infographics
manpower infographics
Less manpower required
Less data input needed
Faster development time
What our clients say about us
  • Mind Expression was able to provide us a solution that addressed our key needs in an extremely short turnaround period. We wanted the customer to be able to engage in a true conversation experience, not in just a simple Q&A approach. We also wanted to make sure the conversation style aligns with how Villa Market engages with our customers.
    Mind Expression met both of these key requirements and more.
    Varakorn Klaiklang
    CTO at Villa Market
Covers all kinds of
achieve the acme of customer satisfaction
From simple Q&As to advanced queries

Information Search

From simple Q&As to advanced queries

Dealing with customer queries becomes cost and time effictive. Provide responses to your customers by simply setting up response templates or getting responses from your system via webhooks.

Provide tailored resolution to your customers

Problem Diagnosis

Provide tailored resolution to your customers

Ensure that your customers are happy with the provided resolution. Diagnose the problems that your customers are experiencing with ease and provide appropriate solutions.

Solutions for all industries
Easily integrate with other channels

Easily integrate with other channels

Bring your conversational AI to external channels and meet your customers where they are. Mind Expression supports various channel integrations.

Make better performance
with less efforts
Activity Tracing
Context Hopping
  • Inference

    Don't waste time inputting endless training phrases.
    No more wasted hours on training. Our reasoning engine can understand hundreds of similar meanings by simply entering a single sentence.
  • Activity Tracing

    Debugging is a snap because all reasoning is completely transparent.
    You can see how the AI understands and why it gives such answers in tests or conversations with end-users.
  • Context Hopping

    You don't have to define or redefine every flow manually.
    You just need to create a conversation logic as Mind Expression is capable of context hopping based on logical reasoning, instead of having complex decision trees.
Experience our almost
human-like AI.
It's easy to
build and manage.